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Authenticity in every product
Authenticity in every product
Authentic ornaments
Authentic ornaments

VYTVORY - the art of being yourself

In Ukrainian, verb “vytvory” – is a call for action to create something, or do something in a creative way - and this is what we encourage you to do!

No one knows what it is like being you. No one can surely know what is important to you or what you really like or adore!

We are not trying to lure you with a wide selection of “trendy “ or “popular“ products. Nor do we do compel you to develop desires for what “style icons“ wear, nor what “the market majority“ likes.

We rightfully respect you, your tastes and your preferences! Helping to be yourself and express yourselfness - is the mission of our brand.

Appreciating yourself, believing in yourself and liking yourself – that’s what we stay for, and that’s why we started our brand – VYTVORY

VYTVORY - is an online platform for creating customized clothes and other stuff, using which you will feel real.

In the online customizers you will be able to:

- create your garment by selecting: silhouette, length, shape of sleeves, cuffs, collar...

- select decoration for your garments from the vast library of ornaments derived from the best examples of Ukrainian traditional embroidery

- make your own unique decoration compositions from selected traditional ornaments

- choose the color of fabric and embroidery

We employ high-tech manufacturers and source the highest quality natural materials. The eco-packaging for your creations is not only made from recyclable materials but can be used for item’s keeping throughout the garment’s lifetime.

In fact our platform has everything you need to achieve authenticity: modern technologies, artistic traditions and environmentally friendly materials, what we do miss - is your fussy taste, so do it - create it your way!

There are many ways to be happy, the best is to be yourself!

Why buy embroidered shirts from us?

Because only VYTVORY provides verified libraries of authentic regional embroidery samples, which were derived from our own ethnographical collection comprising over 4000 vintage items – that guarantees that your shirt will be truly Ukrainian!

Only VYTVORY gives you the opportunity to create your own unique decoration on the basis of traditional ornaments - this means that your shirt will be truly unique and one of a kind!

E-mail: vytvory.ua@gmail.com

VYTVORY - the art of being yourself!

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