Create it your way!

Design your own shirt in our online customizerand we will produce it for you
This is an online platform for creating customized clothes and some other stuff.



Create it online

In our online customizer you can alter: shape, decoration, color of fabric and embroidery

How does it work?

It takes only 5 simple steps to customize your item:


in our online customizer the item you like

Specify the size

select a standart size or input your measurements

Place an order

confirm all the selected parameters and choose the delivery method


by card or through online banking platforms

Receive by post

to your address (worldwide)

Authenticity in each item

Since that's you who design - your items are signed by your name

Modernized tradition

Based on traditional shirts we developed models comfortable for day-to-day use

Authentic patterns and ornaments

To decorate your creations, we offer libraries of authentic patterns and ornaments from old samples of embroidered shirts from all over Ukraine

Natural materials

We use only natural and environmentally friendly materials - shirts and textile products are made of 100% linen

Eco packaging

Your shirt is packaged in a customized cardboard tube - it is recyclable and you can store your shirt in this tube for shirt's lifetime
We don't have any feedback yet. We could have made it up ourself, but we strive for authenticy in everything.
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Processing of each order begins after the full payment.

Delivery cost is included in the price.

Processing time does not include delivery time. Delivery time is on average one month (may vary upon country).

The current status of payment, fulfillment and estimated delivery date of each order is displayed in the personal account

Our shirts are made of 100% linen, after the first washing it may srink a bit (max 5%).

We employ machine embroidery and hand sewing.

We derive these patterns mostly from our own private collection of Ukrainian vintage shirts. Few where derived from other private and museum collections.

Our cuts are based on cuts of authentic shirts that dominated in different regions of Ukraine

In order times, shirst were long and large in size, now such shirts are perceived as overly baggy and uncomfortable, so we adapted authentic cuts to modern requirements - made cuts a bit less baggy and offered practical length options.

Yes - all shirts selected from the catalog can be edited. In our online customizer you can edit: length of your shirt, shape of the sleewes, cuffs and collar options. You may select various traditional embroidery samples to decorate your shirt. Finally you can choose the color for fabric and embroidery.

To start editing - just click "EDIT"

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